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We now have Revive pharmacies nationwide, filled with welcoming staff who are ready to take good care of you. Whether you need a specific medicine or you need exact advice, we have a wide range in all areas.


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NDSS stands for National Diabetes Services Scheme. Revive Pharmacies are accredited as NDSS Access Points which means that our Pharmacists can support you in the management of diabetes & providing professional advice.
Natural Remedies/ Vitamins
There are many high quality vitamin products & brands available in our stores. Shop the most trusted brands today.
Weight Management
Unsure of what actually works to help with weight management? ur stores has a range of quality products which can assist you. And feel free to ask our pharmacists for any help.
Baby Support
We have a wide range of quality baby products which can suit problems you may have for your baby. Our staff are trained to assist and provide care where possible.
Smoking Cessation
Your journey with stopping smoking can be tough. Our team can support you with unique plans and products fitted around your situation.
Gift & Gift Wrapping
If you ever need to wrap gifts professionally and quickly, our stores offer gift wrapping service for you to take advantage of. We also have a wide range of giftware for you to choose from.
Asthma Management
Do you make these common mistakes with your Asthma inhaler techniques? Our Pharmacists can provide hands-on training to help prevent and make sure you’re using the best techniques for Asthma management. They will also help formulate a personalized asthma action plan just for you
Absence From Work Certificate
Do you need a quick absence from work certificate? If you have minor ailments or injuries, our pharmacists are able to draft a certificate for you as soon as possible.
Blood Pressure Monitoring
To maintain great overall health, regular blood pressure checks is an important part to monitor. Contact your nearest Revive Pharmacy to book your next blood pressure check.
Fast Delivery
Our stores provide local deliveries to ensure contactless service.
Medical Reviews
Our highly trained pharmacists will assist you with any questions you may have with your medicines. They are trained to give you the understanding you need so you have no doubt at all with your medicines.
SMS reminder Service
Having to remember when your scripts are due to be refilled can be rather hard. At Revive Pharmacy, that is no longer a problem. We’ll send you free SMS reminders when your scripts need to be refilled or a new script is required. You’ll also be able to save time when waiting at the pharmacy for your scripts to be filled when you pre-order. And we keep a record of your repeat prescriptions, so you don’t have to worry about losing scripts. You’ll always have medication when you need it or advanced notice when you’re about to run out.
Our Webster-pak® Community Multi-Dose pack is the perfect solution for individuals who take multiple medications. It ensures you take the right dose at the right time — with no fuss! Great for those managing complex regimes or for individuals who simply want to save time, stress and have peace of mind when it comes to medication. For carers, pharmacies and healthcare professionals, Webster-pak® medication packs will help improve medication adherence and safety – your patients will feel more at ease as everything is so simple, a child can figure it out. Pills are safely and securely sealed within each blister compartment of the medication pack… based on the prescribed dosage time. Make life simpler, easier, more convenient and safer when it comes to medication — there’s a Webster-pak® for everyone!